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This information is very important and essential for application. If it's not on the form, you will not get an interview.

Your application will go to Laser Admin and we will be processing them as they arrive. You may not hear from Laser Camp immediately as our staffing levels are dictated by the number of children attending each camp, but if you wish to contact Laser Admin, and you have not heard from us by the end of the easter holidays, please email on

We have two camps running out of Exeter School, Exeter and Blundell's, Tiverton.

We have a wide range of roles available, some are very specific and others are more general. On both sites we run a nursery and require specially trained nursery and Eary Years staff. The Early Years are the 3 to 5 year olds, and we recruit staff here that are Early Years Foundation stage trained, with a distinct interest in working with the younger children, helping them achieve in a safe and protective environment. The Laser Camps are for the 6 year olds upwards focusing on active and enriching activities, where we look to develop skills and provide a fun environment for all.