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Childcare Vouchers

Under a Government scheme to help parents who pay PAYE, pay for their childcare, childcare vouchers are exempt from tax and National Insurance. For each parent this can mean savings of up to £933 per year! Employers can also save up to £402 per employee, per year!

Laser Camp are happy to accept childcare vouchers from any registered company.  We already have accounts with most of the popular companies and the a/c number that you will need to give the provider is:

Accor (Edenred): P531446
Computer share (Busy Bees): 0007925284
Sodexo (Saycare): 156560 (Laser registered postcode EX2 4NS)
Care4:  78866363

Often you will need our OFSTED number and registered Postcode:
OFSTED: 105875
Postcode: EX2 9SU

If you would like to use a company not listed above, please contact us on 07879 999082 or for any other information you require.