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Parent Information

Parents’ Information for Laser Camp at Exeter School

Please ensure that your child brings swimming kit, packed lunch, sun cream, sun hat and water bottle every day to camp.


Pick up and drop off

The Laser Camp is based at Exeter School and Blundell's prep School.

At Exeter School there are multiple access points but the entrance but for vehicular access to the school for Laser Camp use is solely via Manston Terrace postcode EX2 4NP. If you follow the school postcode it will take you to Victoria Park road where there is no vehicular access. There is pedestrian access via the side gates on both Victoria Park road and Barrack road. You will need to call 07879 999082 for the code to get in. It is only active between 8.10am and 6pm during camp times.


To get to Blundell's prep school simply use the only entrance and exit postcode EX16 4NA

Normal DROP OFF at both sites is between 9am and 9.30am and PICK UP is 4.30pm-5pm.
We will not be able to look after your children outside of these drop off and collection times unless they are booked in to the Early Birds or Late Leavers clubs.  By law, we must sign in the exact time of drop off and collection of your child.  If you have not pre-booked these extra hours, we will invoice you on a session basis at a rate of £5 per session.

Sun Cream

Please provide sun cream in your child’s bag, and we will make sure that they put it on when they are out in the sun.

Early Birds and Late Leavers

Due to parental demand, we now have in place an Early Birds Breakfast club, starting at 8am, and a Late Leavers club, continuing until 6pm. The Early Birds have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy breakfast with us consisting of toast, juice, raisins, yoghurt and a selection of fresh fruit. This session will be relatively relaxed and will be a nice warm up for the day’s activities. The Late Leavers club will again be relatively relaxed, with some drinks and fruity snacks.


Our Mini-quads are as popular as ever, and you can book sessions on these on a daily basis. A session at the track will cost £12.
In the small shop area, there will be Laser T-shirts, Laser Caps, Laser Hoodies and gymsacs for sale. We shall also be selling the usual array of photos taken of your children during the activities and in their group (as long as you have indicated your permission for this to happen on the medical form).

The Health Kick!

Here at Laser we are actively promoting healthy eating to make everyone’s lives more enjoyable whilst at camp. We would simply like to suggest that you consider your child’s pack lunch and snacks, and look to include some colourful fruit, some raisins, veggie sticks, yoghurts, healthy wholegrain bread for the sandwiches, and possibly some spring water. You might also like to put an ice pack in the lunch box.
We will always have drinks available throughout the day – either water or juice drinks.
We will always make sure that all children wash their hands thoroughly before eating and drinking.




Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Here at Laser we make a recording of all accidents, from bumps to bruises, stating the action that was taken and the first-aid administered. We shall also inform you of the accident and first aid, and ask that you sign and return a small form that we shall send home with your child at the end of the day


If your child presents any symptoms of an illness that we feel is a risk to others on camp, we will contact you and ask you to collect your child. In all medical cases, we will make some form of contact, and our policy states that we will require you to keep your child at home if the symptoms/illness persists
If your child is ill and will not be attending the day, could you please inform the office as early as possible in the morning.
Head lice are a recurring problem and if there is a case reported, we will send letters to all parents of children in the effected group.


If your child needs to take any form of medication during the day at Laser, we are happy to assist in any way. If you need one of the senior members of staff to assist with this, please see a member of staff in the office who will give you a small form to fill out. Epi-pens, for example, are becoming more widely carried these days and we at Laser would prefer your child to keep their pens in the office unless, of course, they are off campus.
We also need you to sign a small form if your child is self medicating.
We also need to know of any injuries that your child might have suffered before camp. This is very important information for us to make sure that we take best care of your child.

Feedback and Making Complaints

We welcome any kind of feedback, whether verbal or in writing, at any time. If, however, you do feel that you wish to make a complaint, I am happy to take the time to discuss this with you in the office, or receive a written explanation of the issue. We have, as our policy states, to record all complaints and I am happy to provide you with an official complaints form if required. I promise that your comments will be kept confidential, and that I will respond to any written complaints.
We are registered with OFSTED, and we have policies on all issues related to child care. You are more than welcome to view these policies, located in the Laser office. Please contact Paul for assistance. Our OFSTED registration number is 105875
OFSTED address - Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD
Telephone - 03001231231
Our Policies available on our website are–
Child Protection       Confidentiality Policy
Fire Safety        Policy on medicine administration
Risk Assessment on all activities both on and off campus  Staff checks procedure
Policy for exclusion of children who are ill or infectious  If a child is lost procedure
Special Needs Policy       Communication with Parents information
Equal opportunities Policy      Late pick up and no-show policy
Behavioural Policy       Registration policy
Complaint procedure and Policy for parents and staff   Hand Washing Policy
Visitors Policy       Mobile Technology Policy

Contact Information

Camp Office at Exeter School and bookings and information 8am – 6pm – 07879 999082

Company address (NOT camp address) – 40 Ide lane, Alphington, Exeter, EX2 8UT