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a) A deposit of 50% of the total booking value must be received in order to confirm your booking. No contract exists until the company has received your booking request and confirmation of booking has been sent to the person requesting the booking. Payment of this deposit is regarded as your acceptance for these conditions of booking.

b) Cancellation will only be accepted formally in writing , and will be subject to the following penalties on total invoice cost: Up to 4 weeks before the 1st day of the camp week(s) booked: Loss of deposit only. From 4 weeks until 2 weeks before the first day of the camp week(s) booked: loss of 80% of total cost. From 13 days until the first day of the camp week(s) booked: Loss of 100% total cost. Deposit and other payments made for a booking may be transferred into another name before the commencement of the camp week booked, for the additional cost of £8.75, to cover insurance. The date of cancellation is the day that the company is notified of the need to cancel a booking, and must be confirmed in writing. The deposit includes insurance which covers various unforeseen reasons for cancellation. See details of insurance cover, or request a detailed Summary of Cover.

c) The company reserves the right in any circumstances to cancel your booking and in this unlikely event will offer a prompt and full refund of all monies paid, unless the cancellation is for the reasons outlined in “Other” section below Laser Summer Camp is a trading name for Laser Adventure Holidays Limited – registered company number 2352554

a) A deposit of 50% of the total booking value to secure booking.

b) Further payment of the full balance will be due 14 days before the start of camp. This will be detailed on the invoice.

c) Any bookings made within one month of the start of camp must be paid in full


a) We do not accept any liability for loss, damage, distress, accident, injury or the death of any of the participants unless caused by the proven negligence of the Company or one of its servants.

b) We do not accept liability for the loss or damage to any property belonging to, or carried by, any of the participants.

c) We do not accept any responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to; delays or travel changes, sickness, weather, riots, strikes, war or any other cause.

d) The signatory shall be liable for all damages caused by the child named on the booking form that is not classed as accidental or ‘fair wear and tear’

e) All organisation and activities of Laser Summer Camp are the sole responsibility of Laser Summer Camp and Exeter School accept no liability for any consequences such that may arise from the camp, and no communication should be made with the school by those attending, or their parents or guardians.


a) We reserve the right to alter or vary itineraries in the event of unfavourable weather, or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

b) It is accepted that children booked on Laser Summer Camp are automatically allowed to partake in organised off-site excursions and activities.

c) If on the first day of camp a child fails to enjoy him/herself, and the parent or guardian does not wish him/her to attend the rest of camp, all monies except the insurance and one fifth of the holiday price will be refunded.

d) It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to advise Laser fully, in advance, of any disabilities and social or behavioural problems that their child currently has or has recently suffered from, which might affect their child and other participating children on camp. We reserve the right to exclude any person at any time prior to or during camp if, in our opinion, that person is not compatible with the general well being and enjoyment of the camp. In this event it will be up to the discretion of the Camp Director as to whether any refund will be given.

e) Any physical disability or health condition which might make it impossible or inadvisable for a child to take part in any activity must be disclosed on the medical form (associated with the booking form).

f) All the information in the brochure produced by Laser Summer Camp is published in good faith as of March 2014. Laser Summer Camp does not accept any liability for any omissions or inaccuracies that may inadvertently be present.